Lumber Pricelist

I mill the lumber I use for wine cellars, built-ins and furniture from locally salvaged trees. I have a hard time passing up a good log and end up processing more than I can use, so I do my best to find a good home for all of it. A lot of what I mill and use has “character”, meaning knots, wormholes and spalting, but I also process high-grade lumber. When I come up short, I use other local sources to make sure I have the lumber on hand for a complete hardwood selection.

The lumber is kiln dried and sold in the rough or surfaced on three sides. I take pride in my lumber surfacing and joint the wide face before planing for a straight and flat board. I then run one edge on the jointer for a glue-line edge.

The lumber prices on the list below are based on top-grade lumber, surfaced on three sides. Lower grades will be less expensive. If you are planning a job, please call me first to see what I have in stock or what will be available soon. The new shop is at 1735 S. River Rd. in St. Charles, MO 63303. It is very close to I-70 at the Fifth St. exit. A map is below.

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3 responses to “Lumber Pricelist”

  1. Dave Vitale says :

    Great website and blog. I’ll recommend it to some friends.
    Dave Vitale

  2. Mark Gordon says :

    We have had a great experience working with Scott Wunder and the great variety of material available at Wunder Woods

    Mark Gordon
    MDG Renovations

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